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Conquer your fear of Horseback Trail Riding with Practical Patterns in this real-time movie!
Live action movie of simple, easy-to-use tips to bomb-proof and spook-proof yourself for your horse’s sake.  
Enjoy watching these safe ways to progress your horsemanship, curiosity and enjoyment of your horse without a lot of words to remember.
Develop your horsemanship with focus, feel, safety and fun by following these practical patterns that build your confidence with horse
riding and give purpose to your horse.  Learn with us as we take our time and ride in familiar areas to feel safe and connect with our
horses.  Then we venture off the farm as the riders and horses are calm and confident, following our feel and direction.  We take our time
and keep our focus on encouraging the rider and horse to enjoy the ride as a team.
Purchase the 56 minute Creative Horsemanship DVD here for
only $24.95
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